About Us

Our Yacht center has been established in the area of the East Bay in Izola to welcome nautical tourists who will meet with an attentive reception and good care of the crafts entrusted to us. Accessory activities that have been developed along with the construction of the Marina Izola were further improved by engaging highly qualified professionals to provide servicing for boats. Our time-table is Monday-Friday 8-16.00, Saturday 8-14.00, Sundays and celebration days is the reception office closed.


Lifting of boats with a travel-lift with 60 ton capacity in a pool for craning that is 7 m wide; hull servicing (plastic, metal, wood); repairs of osmosis damages and antifouling coating; propulsion engine servicing; electronic and electrical accessories servicing; deck gear/equipment and accessories servicing; repairs of covers and sails; interior repairs; cleaning of crafts; sales of new and used crafts; storage of dinghies; sale of spare parts, material for maintenance of craft and gear; storage of boats on land and in hall…